Yimmie does not appear to have eyes...

Yimmie is a unique character that can be found as a random encounter in the swamp region around Sumpan. The chance of finding Yimmie is approximately 1/3 to 1/4 for every encounter in this area. Yimmie will continue to appear as an encounter until he is recruited into the party.

Upon approach, Yimmie will attack the player. When defeated, Yimmie start a conversation and say that he lost because of the lag. The conversation will continue through 5 dialog choices. If the player answers them all correctly, Yimmie will join the party. If an incorrect choice is selected, Yimmie will complain or insult the player and leave.

Yimmie is a Mutant Medikus with a custom appearance and Swedish? banter. Aside from these cosmetic changes and his higher-than-normal starting stats, he does not appear to have any special bonuses.

Yimmie's dialog appears to be a reference to Yuffie from Final Fantasy 7[1][2]

Initial StatsEdit

Name: yimmie (The 'y' is not capitalized)
Class: yimmie
Rank: 0 / 15
XP: 0 / 1500
Strength: 5
Stamina: 11
Focus: 20
Intelligence: 20
Defence: 9
Abilities: Healing Orb, Nano Injection
Weapon: Gas-O-Matic (11.3 DPS), No Gadget
Other: No Injuries, Boosters or Implants