Hole center

"What´s down there is unknown to most and those the claim they know probably lie. But one thing is for sure, there is plenty of juicy and valuable old hajtech coming up from down there."

- Max Malm, one of Norrmalm town´s many tunnel entrepreneurs

The center hole is the deep hole at the center of the crater that plunges into untold depths. Fatshark describes the hole as follows:

The improbable fertility of the crater was not the only irregularity of the Settlers new home. In the middle of the Crater, a foreboding gaping hole leading to a pre-untergang underground complex was discovered. The presence of an opening into the past both tickled the imagination and scared the bejeesus out of the Settlers.

In the early years, the hole was considered off limits to all inhabitants of the crater, but with time, daring individuals began to explore the intimidating opening. Although a seriously dangerous excursion from the get-go, some explorers did manage to return with extremely valuable hi-tech equipment, and the business of hole exploration was soon in full swing. Krater City thrived on the commerce and trade was established with far away empires and kingdoms. In mighty airships and long caravans traders arrived to buy the latest findings of the brave adventurers who dared to descend the feared and fabled abyss of Krater City.

The complex beneath Krater City was named the Underside, and it is truly a place of peril. The Underside seems to be alive and is constantly shifting and rebuilding itself, and its denizens are as numerous as they are dangerous.

For the powerful nations of Scandinavia, Krater City went from being a remote and insignificant speck on the map to a vital resource in the race for technology. Kingdoms, Protectorates and Empires all sent emissaries and spies, constantly maneuvering to secure their influence and supply of wondrous artefacts from the past.