Taking the Fall is a main story quest in Westerfall.

Objectives Edit

  1. Talk to Bureau Director H. K. Begrdahl.
  2. [[Return to Fredrik Wester.
  3. Talk to Bosse in Sommerby.
  4. Find David Treehorn in the Swinelength Pits.
  5. Return to Sommerby.
  6. Return to Fredrik Wester in Westerfall.

Guide Edit

Upon reaching Westerfall, Fredrik Wester will berate you for the behavior of other mercenaries in Alma's employ, and demand that you apologize to the guests at a ball they wrecked.

  1. First speak to H. K. Bergdahl in the westernmost part of the city, and return to Mayor Wester.
  2. You are then sent to find another guest in Sommerby, a small town in the hills to the north of Westerfall. Upon arriving there, you'll find it a burning wreck. Look around Sommerby until you find Bosse, who will tell you that many survivors were dragged off to the Swinelength Pits to the east of Sommerby.
  3. Fight your way down to Level 6 of the Swinelength Pits and explore until you encounter an ogre named Fat Lars. Defeat Fat Lars, and examine the corpse near him to identify it as David Treehorn.
  4. Return to Sommerby to discuss what you found with the survivors.
  5. Return to Fredrik Wester to complete this quest.

Notes Edit

  • If you are in the same city or level as a quest objective, it will appear as a yellow question mark on your map.