Solside is one of the three major factions within the Krater and the largest and most populous one. It’s boundary stretches along a majority of the northern crest of the crater and all the way to the center hole. Solside is made up of a number of small towns and settlements in addition to sprawling capital, Solside city.


The government of Solside is called the Stadsraad and consists of 11 elected Raadsmen led by a Stadshövding. Its rulers claim direct lineage to the original first settlers of the crater. The Staadsraad has through all the years been under complete control by three grand families, effectively making Solside a Oligarchy.

Storsätra and the Great DescentEdit

80 years ago Solside was the uncontested dominant power of Krater City, much due to its strong alliance with the powerful Storsätra Kingdom. Together, Solside and Storsätra initiated “the Great Descent”, a combined effort to conquer the Hole once and for all. Storsätra supported Solside with money and troops, and a great force was assembled. The specially trained Underside Division made good process, establishing large bases and checkpoints deeper and deeper into the Hole until one fateful day when the whole unit simply disappeared, annihilated by unknown entities.


The complete failure of “the Great Descent” proved disastrous to the Solside section. Storsätra was attacked by their rivals Riget and the Protectorate, who took opportunity of the political and military turmoil caused by the disastrous fiasco in the crater. Fighting for it’s survival, Storsätra withdrew its support from Solside. The economy of Solside collapsed, being based on the trade from the now inaccessible Hole, and an era of stagnation and depression ensued.