Inventory character selector dpsThe Slayer is the Damage Per Second hero class in the world of Krater.

Variants Edit

There are two racial varients of each character which will become available as you explore the Krater.


Human Variant

The Human Slayer is a skinny, psychotic-looking figure with two jagged weapons strapped to his arms. He has the following abilities:

Viciously stabs the target for 180% weapon damage. "Chopping Spree"
Causes nearby enemies to bleed for 33% weapon damage per second. Lasts 6 seconds. "Bleed for me!"

Mutant Variant

The Mutant Slayer is larger than the Human variant. They often have (purely cosmetic) blades strapped directly to their heads or faces. The Mutant Slayer has the following abilities:

Strike a piercing blow through all targets directly in front of the Slayer, dealing 120% weapon damage in a straight line.
inflicts an open wound on the target dealing 50% weapon damage every 0.5 seconds for 8 seconds.

Notes Edit

  • The Pledge of the Patriarch DLC is slated to contain a new player race, most likely adding a third Regulator variant.