Inventory character selector ccThe Regulator is the ranged attack class in the world of krater.

Variants Edit

There are two racial variants of each character which will become available as you explore the Krater.


"A bad analogy is like a leaky screwdriver."

Human Variant

The Human Regulator wears a gas mask and a simple Tesla Pack and has the following abilities:

The regulator zaps the target with an electric charge, stunning them for 5 seconds. "Down Boy!"
Cast Area Slow
The Regulator deploys an inertia field emitter, slowing all enemies within range. "It's a trap!"
Regulator 2

"Are we going to war?"

Mutant Variant

The Mutant Regulator sports a welding mask and more complicated Tesla pack, and has alternate abilities:

The Regulator overcharges his Tesla Pack, stunning all enemies within a 10 meter radius. Cooldown is 15 seconds. "Zoink!"
The Regulator tags the target with an electric charge that triggers after 1.5 seconds, slowing and causing 175% weapon damage to all enemies within a 3 meter radius. "You're it!"

Notes Edit

  • The Pledge of the Patriarch DLC is slated to contain a new player race, most likely adding a third Regulator variant.