Pirate Bay
Pirate Bay



Recruit, Craft, Heal, Upgrade, Weapon


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The Pirate Bay is populated by by a vibrant clientele of freethinkers and rogues.

Description Edit

The Pirate Bay is a small, sparse city only inhabited by vendors. It is listed as a city on Krater's early maps and mentioned in dialogue in Westerfall, but does not contain any other NPCs or quest-givers.

Services Edit

The Pirate Bay contains a Doctor, Crafting Bench, and a Flea Market selling various items. However, none of the icons for these shops appear when examining the Pirate Bay the map.

Notes Edit

  • Given it's current lack of content, port location, and position on a Solside border, the Pirate Bay may be expanded in future DLCs.
  • The name Pirate Bay is a reference to the website "The Pirate Bay" founded in Sweden in 2003.


  • If you haven't updated your game, or play on a pirated version, a message will appear kindly asking you not only to update the game, or pay for it, but also asks you to visit the Pirate Bay on the internet, as well as in the game:
Fatshark om piratkopiering