Inventory character selector healerThe Medikus is the healer class in the world of krater.

Variants Edit

There are two varients of each character which will become available as you explore the Krater.


"Anyone need patchin' up?"

Human Variant

The Human Medikus wears a geared-up surgical smock and has the following abilities:

Heals the target for 300% of the Medikus healing value. Cast time 1.5 seconds. "What friends are for."
Nano Stream
The target is healed for 120% of the Medikus' healing value as long as the Medikus keeps channeling. "Stay on target."

"Operation time!"

Mutant Variant

The Mutant Medikus variant is the smallest character and sports a Sputnik helmet, often heard speaking old upper-class Swedish. As a doctor, the Mutant Medikus stretches when left idle and moves in a jumping way. They have the following abilities:

Healing Orb
The Medikus deploys a Healing Orb, splashing medical nanobots on all friendly targets within a 4 meter radius. 2 second cast time. "The nemesis of splash damage."
Nano Injection
The Medikus injects the target with nano bots healing it every 1 second for a period of 10 seconds. "Keeps on giving."

Notes Edit