Recruit, Boot Camp, Craft, Heal, Upgrade, Weapon


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Frisktorp is the last stop for the Solside caravans before the Great Northern Wasteland.

Description Edit

Frisktorp is a well-stocked trade city and a step along the way to locating Emma for the main quest.

Services Edit

Frisktorp offers all of the services of a large city.

Notes Edit

  • Given its location on the far eastern border, Frisktorp may serve as an access point to other nations in future expansions.
  • After completing the quest The Wretched Hive to clear the roadways, a specialized crafting trader will appear selling blue recipes for the Road Maul, Länsmen's Lantern, Boomstick, and Postman Punishers. Crafting these weapons will give you a significant edge for most of the rest of the game.