The crafting in Krater is fairly simple, but gives players a chance to get around the RNG (Random Number Generator) that governs loot chances to drop. Being able to craft Boosters, Implants, Weapons, and even Gadgets gives a great deal of diversity, allowing deep customization of teams.


Ingredients are required to craft items in Krater. Ingredients can range from simple goo found in the earlier levels, to overclocked enhancement cores located only in the deepest dungeons of the Underside. Ingredients can be purchased at the crafting store, be recieved as rewards for certain quests, or be looted from enemy corpses or containers.


Blueprints are also required to craft items in Krater. To learn a new recipe from a blueprint, simply right-click it. Once the recipe has been learned, you will need to head to a crafting bench.

There are 4 known blueprint qualities:

  • White: Common. No real special bonuses, usually for Boosters, or on-use gadgets. Common ingredients like Goo and Sinews.
  • Green: Uncommon. Decent stats, and fairly common ingredients. Recipes that boost white implant stats are usually green or...
  • Blue: Very uncommon. Very good stats. Amazing damage values, extra little added bonuses.
  • Purple: Rare. Max stats. Rarely found as blueprints, usually found as ultra-quality weapons.


The crafting interface is fairly rough, but only once you've learned a large number of recipes. Scrolling can be pretty slow, so the scroll button on your mouse will see a lot of loving abuse, searching for that perfect item. To the left you have a list of all the recipes you have learned. Click on a recipe to find out what the required ingredients are. When you meet the requirements, click on the "Craft" button to create the item you have selected from the recipe list.


  • Keep in mind that ingredients bought from stores have high price tags, and can usually be sold for about a tenth of their purchase value.
  • It is not recommended that you sell ingredients. Use them to craft, the crafted items can usually be sold at a higher price than their ingredients.