Inventory character selector tank The Bruiser is the tank class in the world of Krater.

Variants Edit

There are two variants of each character which will become available as you explore the Krater.


"If it bleeds, we can kill it."

Human Variant

The Human Bruiser wears street signs and comes with the following abilities:

A sweeping strike that deals 150% weapon damage to all enemies in a 180 angle. Generates a substantial amount of threat. "In one fell swoop."
A powerful stomps that deal 50% weapon damage to all enemies within 4 meters and taunts all enemies within a 8 meter radius "These boots are made for stompin'..."

"Let's go to the folkpark."

Mutant Variant

The Mutant Bruiser is much, much bigger, wearing most of a car. They appear to be very interested in beating things, often asking if they are going to "dunka" or "banka" (swedish for pounding or beating). They have the following alternate abilities:

Ground Pound
Deals 180% weapon damage to all enemies in front of the Bruiser. Generates a substantial amount of threat.
Leap to target position to taunt enemies, dealing 75% weapon damage on impact.

Notes Edit

The Pledge of the Patriarch DLC is slated to contain a new race, most likely adding a third Bruiser variant.